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About us

Jewelry Always Fits

Enchanted Opals Boutique is a new online store, our goal is to provide exceptional service to those who are looking for the right style of jewelry, whether its sterling silver, white gold or yellow gold. We have it.  As the owner of Enchanted Opals Boutique I have always been attracted to jewelry when ever I go to a store or flea market or festival, if I spot something shiny I always have to go check it out. I myself wear all kinds from fashion rings to handmade necklaces but my favourite has always been 14k yellow and white gold (mainly yellow) jewelry because of the quality I have rings from when I was in high school that I still wear today 17 years later. Fine jewelry is made to last based on the material and the beauty of each piece. That is what I believe each piece of jewelry should be about to last forever like friends and family relationships; things we can count on to always be there to make one smile and feel special.

Gems Like Diamonds Are For Everyone

We offer a variety of gemstone and diamond bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. Everything we sell is the highest quality and brand new. 

No Worries

We want your shopping experience to be worry free. We do not share your information with any other company. Occasionally we send out a newsletter or a promotional email for marketing purposes.  Shop our products with one thing in mind- find something that makes you smile.